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Our Pizza Takeaway is the best in the whole town. Everyone loves Pizza! If you had never eaten Pizza before, you’re obviously missing out. It is easily the best Italian dish there is. A flat circular bread typically topped with tomato sauce and cheese that has become the people’s favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner. We order this at any occasion to satisfy our intense cravings. Tasty Pizza Shannon is a restaurant that also offers a website where you can order takeaway. Our Pizzas differ in sizes. You can order a seven, ten, twelve and sixteen inch Pizza. When you order any type of Pizza, you can also get garlic and chili shake to pair it up. It’s an awesome combo. If you’re feeling creative, you can decide to customize your own Pizza. You can choose any four toppings and customize it’s size as well. The thing that differentiates us from other Pizza Restaurants is the fact that you don’t just get Italian, you get mixed cultures as well. You can order Kebab, Burgers, Wraps, Chicken, Fish & Chips, Side Orders and of course Soft Drinks. To prep you, we also have Starters. We offer a variety of choices that will want you begging for more. Come check out our site!

About Tasty Pizza Shannon

Tasty Pizza is tasty pizza. What differentiates us from other Pizza Places? You can order online, scan in advance our menu, we also do deliveries, you can customize your Pizza plus you get a mixture of Italian, Indian and American dishes all in one restaurant. You can't get that deal elsewhere. Pizza is also created to be eaten by many people. When you're eating pizza, you're always with someone special to your heart and that alone creates the best memory and experience ever. We have that Pizza stretch you're all dying to see. You can get it hot, saucy and cheesy. You have the option to choose what you like as long as it is on our menu, we will make it for you. With stomachs full, hands greasy with pizza oil, you have come home thinking you won't get over that experience. Bring our pizza to parties, dates, movie marathon, snacks and breakfast. If you don't like Pizza, you can always order our other meals. What are you waiting for? Check us out now.

Restaurant location Tasty Pizza Shannon

We are located at Murphys Cottage, Shannon, Co. Clare. Our Restaurant is the best place to inhale food because we offer Pizza unlike any other. We also make sure that our customers are satisfied and the service we give is the bomb. If you want to be updated on the new menu or food, you can download our App on your Laptop, Android, and iPhone. Find us at the Apple Store and Google Play and check us out daily. It's always fun to eat Pizza. Don't forget to bring your friends, family, and lover to our place. Since you have ordered online, you can get your order directly. We also offer delivery depending on your location. Come and dine with us now.

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